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Uber Layout: The Works

  • Each 'helper' has a specific options of what can be made. Be sure to choose wisely.
  • It could take a number of days before each request is fulfilled; be patient.
  • Credit is given where credit is due.
  • If you don't receive what layout you desire, do not request a new one. Instead, speak with the creator to try and twink it more to your liking.
  • Please, -please- do not gip off our HTML. We much rather help you then later recognize it and have to send rabid primates to traumatize your journal.

    Simple? Hai.. I'd think so.

    The Girls

    Specializes in: Paid accounts.
    Also does: Icons
    Sample of work: Journal

    Specializes in: paod accounts
    Also does: Icons, backgrounds, free accounts.
    Sample of work: Journal

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us.

    Note Requests can be made either in journal entry, or by email. Both take significantly the same amount of time to receive.