samantha (golfcartdriveby) wrote in uberlayouts,

please help

hey! i just joined the community. i am looking for someone to help me with a layout for a free account. i have a few ideas as to what i want to do, but i am not sure if you can do them with a free account. again i am not sure if you can do these things with a paid account, but if you try to make it as close as possible it would be are some of my ideas:
-i like how the journal entries are moved to the right side of the page.
-i like black backgrounds with fonts that are small (8) with Tahoma font that is pink. I would like all lines and entries to be pink, just different lights and darks.
-i woul dprefet that the boxes for each entry are seperate, and the lj box is above the entries.
-on the blank side of the lj (left) i would like a picture. contact me and i will give it to you (or mabye you have some of your own you are willing to share).
-i also like when your entires scroll down and they move over the background picture (taher than with it).
-other ljs i like:
from here i like the pink and the thin black lines around each box entry.
to anyone who might be able to help me with this: please respond prompty. thank you!!!
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